Mike Tabb

Mike has a deep love and appreciation for food. In fact, food has been a major part of his life since he started eating it as a little baby. He has even been quoted saying “I couldn’t live without food.” In our opinion, truer words have never been spoken!

Of all the food there is, breakfast is definitely his favorite…and that is why Cracked Eggery is focused on breakfast. Get it?

Mike is a local. He grew up in Maryland, came back home right after college and has been working in bars and restaurants ever since. Restaurants are definitely in his blood, his grandfather even worked with Colonel Sanders! Yes, the guy on the chicken bucket. 

When Mike isn’t “testing” the food he is focused on growing the Cracked Eggery brand, marketing and social media or coming up with what we might do next. He is also tasked with always making sure the playlist is on point!