All sandwiches served on toasted challah.

The Mayor$10
Cracked Bacon, scrambled egg, American & Cheddar cheese, Cracked Sauce
The Basic$8
Scrambled egg, American & Cheddar cheese, Cracked Sauce
Hamilton Porter$10
Pulled pork, fried egg, slaw, pickles, crispy onions, barbecue sauce
Inigo Montoya$11
Chorizo, fried egg, Pepper Jack cheese, arugula, lemon aioli
Abe Froman$10
Sausage, scrambled egg, American & Cheddar cheese, Cracked sauce

Willie's Hash$10
Corned Beef hash, scrambled egg, American & Cheddar cheese, ketchup
Southern Charm$10
Fried green tomato, fried egg, Cracked Bacon, Pimento cheese, arugula, lemon aioli
Cracked Burger$12
2 patty griddle burger, American & Cheddar cheese, Cracked Bacon, pickles, white onions, Cracked sauce
Green Eggs No Ham$10
Scrambled egg, chives, goat cheese, tomatillo salsa


Bittersweet Symphony$12
Roasted butternut squash, fried egg, quinoa, arugula, peach jam, ricotta, Mike’s Hot Honey

Seoul Mate$12
Sous vide pork belly, fried egg, sushi rice, kimchi slaw, sriracha mayo, hoisin, sesame seeds, scallions


Cracked Tots

Cinnamon & Sugar$4
Old Bay$4
Garlic Parm$4
Breakfast Tots$9


Bottled Water$3
Orange Juice$3.50
Hot Coffee$3.75
Compass Coffee
Nitro Cold Brew$3.75
Compass Coffee