Based on what we’ve heard from people like you, we’ve cultivated a menu that invokes the warm feelings of comfort food and offers a little something different, with unique menu items you’ve never seen before. Consistency, speed, and quality are our focus – we know you can taste the difference.

24 hours a day?!?!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” may have started as a clever marketing slogan from the 1940’s but at Cracked Eggery we take it to another level. We are a 24-hour, quick-service, breakfast-focused concept that pays homage to the traditional while also pushing the envelope with sandwiches you never imagined.

We won't judge you when you order more than one.

We serve breakfast around the clock made with top quality, local ingredients that evoke a nostalgic feeling from the first to the last bite. 

Founding Principles


Create a unique and exciting customer experience through simple and delicious food.


Nurture and promote a holistic way of living. We responsibly source as many products as possible and consistently challenge ourselves and our purveyors to expand our impact.


Facilitate a positive and progressive company culture and business philosophy through socially responsible practice in our communities.


Invest in the people who make our customers happy. Cracked Eggery’s employee-centric model creates a supportive and structured environment to allow employees to focus on individual development and the customer experience.